The Alpha Athletic Charitable Organization (AACO) was formed in 2010 to assist the Alpha Athletic Club in the handling of the charitable tasks that were being performed. The AACO is a 501c3 organization meaning it is classified by the IRS as a true, nonprofit tax-exempt, charity organization.

The Alpha Athletic Club (AAC) has strict attendance, membership and higher dues requirements. AAC membership does result in the ability for its members to have more control and involvement in the driving of the activities and direction of the club.

Membership to the Alpha Athletic Charitable Organization is far more relaxed and the best way to stay informed of the activities of both the AAC & the AACO. Membership requires that you are a man over the age of 21 that is interested in belonging to the organization so that you may assist in the fundraising and charitable undertakings. A prospective member must be recommended to the organization by a regular member that is in good standing. Yearly fees for membership to the AACO are $20.

If you are interested in joining, please follow the link below for online payment -or- download and mail the attached form.

The Alpha Athletic Charitable Organization is a non-profit charitable 501 c3. 

All donations made are fully tax deductible. Due to the involvement of the Alpha Athletic Club, the Alpha Athletic Charitable Organization operates with 0% overhead so you are assured that every dollar donated will be used to help others.

Donations can be made by mail or online using Paypal.

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Alpha Athletic Charitable Organization
PO BOX 2631
Westerville, Ohio 43086

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