The Alpha Athletic Club was created by Wheaties Whalen and sixteen other fast pitch softball players in 1958. The purpose of the club was to bring together members who are interested in civic betterment and good citizenship especially concerning charities and youth activities. 

The club conducts a variety of events that are held throughout the year to bring the members together. These events include banquets, pig-roasts, chili cook-off, horse races, hockey, golf, bowling, and softball outings. 


The membership of the club is now limited to sixty members. The continued existence and longevity of the Club has allowed us the ability to achieve the Club’s purpose even more greatly and increase fellowship.


Over the years the club has been able focus its efforts toward community betterment by making many contributions and donations to other charitable organizations, painting houses for needy families and contributing to youth sport events.

The Alpha Athletic Club is always looking for ways to help members of the community that encounter temporary hardships.
Every December, for over fifty years, the Alpha Athletic Club accomplishes its biggest annual event, the Adopt-A-Family program. The Club uses this program to reach out and help as many needy families as possible each year. The program provides the families with a week’s supply of food, toys for the children and a visit from Santa Claus.
In 2010 the Alpha Athletic Charitable Organization was created in order to assist in the raising of funds for the charitable work performed by the Alpha Athletic Club.     
The Alpha Athletic Club and the Alpha Athletic Charitable Organization meet on the first and third Thursday of the month. In 1972 the club members purchased a log cabin on the northeast side of Columbus and still uses this building as the clubhouse for the meetings and functions.